Terry deBardelaben

Ceramic Artist & Educator




As Artist

I create and then deconstruct clay objects.  Explore, new media. Investigate material usage in combination with clay to create objects that intersect: converge, merge, bridge, relate.


As Researcher

I seek to document, study and preserve traditional technical processes, firing and marketing of clay objects created by indigenous people through video, audio and digital media.


As Educator

I facilitate, teach and encourage the visual articulation of individual creative expression.


As Presenter

I share findings of ethnographic research using digital media- China, Ghana, Peru, and Italy.  Engage participant in global learning activities through the use of Eco-friendly sustainable material - clay.

Terry deBardelaben

Ceramic Artist & Educator


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“Imagination leads to Creativity – its physical manifestation inevitably leads to innovation”

Ken Robinson


Visual Creative expression informed by culture (traditional or popular), science, nature, architecture, anatomy, technology, etc. is achieved through the exploration and utilization of material – new and traditional and is learned through the practice and implementation of the creative process: ideation/inspiration/purpose, concept, methodology, inquiry/exploration.

Teaching Philosophy

Clay in the Schools


The Pottery of Raqchi, Peru

by Terry deBardelaben

Return to the Pacha Mama

by Terry deBardelaben

Encounters with the Other

by Terry deBardelaben


I am my Brothers Keeper

by Terry deBardelaben

Guest Blogger on, Glyphs of Time

Artist, Zhang Chun Hong at National Portrait Gallery by Terry deBardelaben

Indigenous pottery techniques, processes and aesthetics are often devalued, lost and or become extinct. Industrialization, urbanization and gentrification contribute to the over use of machine made utilitarian objects which reinforce the globalization of goods and commerce and do very little towards preservation of tradition, culture, and micro economic ventures that support and maintain community and creative education.


Thus my intent is to document through videography and photography indigenous traditional pottery for archival purposes to maintain the cultural integrity and creative style of a people and their art which otherwise may or will become extinct. Research locations include: 2011 the Village of Raqchi Peru, 2007, 2011 The Village of Kuli, Ghana, West Africa



New Work

Pit Fired Work

Terra Sigillata


Terry deBardelaben


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